Some Assembly Required – Lesson9

Nation-states are operated by County Jural Assemblies, which are composed of people of the land coming together in public meetings, setting up their jury pools, electing their public sheriffs, their justices of the peace, their clerks, their bailiffs, and their coroners in each county. These County Jural Assemblies send their elected deputies to State Conventions to conduct the business of the nation-state. They elect Deputies to serve in the Continental Congress, when one is called to Assemble. The courts created by County Jural Assemblies are administered by Justices of the Peace, and operate under American Common Law established by Juries.

The Federal States, like Georgia State, are formed by County Jural Societies which are composed of civilian non-citizen United States Nationals. They follow the same basic process, except that the courts they create are administered by County Judges and operate under General Session Law. They elect State Representatives to represent them in the State Legislature and send Delegates to the United States Congress. Members are called constituents.