Some Assembly Required – Lesson8

Soil is not the same as land. Soil is the physical dirt, rocks, and sand belonging to a place as part of its natural heritage; land is the description of soil in terms of political subdivisions. Soil is mapped in terms of its topography. Land is mapped in terms of political affiliation.

We will use Georgia of an example: Georgia is one of the nation-states that created The United States of America (unincorporated). Georgia is made of soil and it is populated by living people

The original Georgia State was called the State of Georgia; it was organized under The Articles of Confederation (1781) and operated under The Constitution for the united States of America. “Georgia State” today operates under a Statehood Compact and is a land trust holding the international land jurisdiction owed to Georgia.

The soil (state republic jurisdiction) of Georgia belongs to the Georgians; the land (international land jurisdiction) is kept in trust by the Georgia State. This jurisdiction includes post offices and public lands. Georgia is a matrilineal republican nation-state, while Georgia State is a patrilineal republic.

So, we have the two states, Georgia, holding the nation-state jurisdiction of the actual soil, and we have the Georgia State holding the international jurisdiction of the land.

Georgia is the only sovereign state present. Georgia State is at this time exercising Georgia’s international land jurisdiction without a constitutional delegation of power to do so. The United States of America established a contract with the States of America and the original State of Georgia under the The Constitution for the united States of America.

Red Flag: According to our contracts, States of America is supposed to be operating our National Government—- but isn’t.

Today’s State of Georgia is a territorial franchise of the British Territorial United States of America subsidiary operating under The Constitution of the United States of America.

STATE OF GEORGIA is a municipal franchise of the United States, originally a subsidiary run by the Holy Roman Empire operating under The Constitution of the United States.