Some Assembly Required – Lesson5

When we talk about our relationship with our federal government service providers we talk in terms of service contracts known as constitutions and in terms of delegated and non-delegated powers.

The various constitutions, national, territorial, and municipal, set aside certain specific powers — all in international or global jurisdictions, to be exercised by our federal subsidiaries doing business as States of America, United States of America, and United States.

There are nineteen and only nineteen enumerated and delegated powers that these federal subsidiaries are hired to exercise for us. The 19th of these powers is the obligation stated in the Preamble of each constitution to honor and protect our rights.

Rights are material possessions. They include copyrights and patents as well as rights we exercise daily, such as the right of free speech.

Some powers are explicitly delegated to the federal service providers to exercise in our behalf, and other non-delegated powers are reserved by the nation-states and the people. See Amendment X.