Some Assembly Required – Lesson3

By 1791 all (3) three levels of federal government are present in addition to the nation-states governments: National (international land), Territorial (international sea), and Municipal (global air).

The Constitution for the united States of America creates the National Government which then defines the Territorial Government and the Municipal Government (Article I, Section 8, Clause 17).

There is a separate doing-business-name for each federal subsidiary: States of America (land), United States of America (sea), and the United States (air).

There are also four (4) styles of government present: the nation-states have a republican style government, the States are republics, the territories have a democracy, and the municipal government is a plenary oligarchy.

The States of America was an American organization administering our international land jurisdiction. The British-dominated United States of America and the Holy See’s United States organizations were limited to territorial and municipal functions.